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With Flagship stores at Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Spica Modular Solutions Limited believes and takes pride in its slow yet significant growth in the industry. Further it would be the constant endeavor of SPICA to introduce more technologically advanced products which benefits health of customer employees at large

As advance innovations are happening on day to day basis towards Heath benefits in the furniture industry we hope to see them very soon in spica furniture too.

Why Choose Us

Ever noticed how our workplaces are changing rapidly, adapting to new technologies and modern needs? Well, that's the new normal, and we, at Spica, are right at the heart of this transformation!

In today's world, having an office that stands out and speaks volumes about your uniqueness is not just a trend, it's a necessity. We understand that. At Spica, we prioritize your need for a distinctive office environment, all while respecting your budget constraints.


For us, quality isn't just a promise; it's our way of life. Every piece leaving our workshop reflects our dedication to excellence, crafted by skilled artisans with meticulous attention to detail.

New Ideas and Innovation

Your vision is our inspiration. We continuously explore new design trends, infusing creativity into every piece we make. Your workspace should be as unique as you are, and we're here to make it happen.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. From the initial concept to the final installation, we're here to ensure your experience with Spica is seamless and delightful.


We believe in progress through partnership. By teaming up with international brands and leveraging our cutting-edge manufacturing unit, we stay ahead of the curve, delivering top-notch products and services.

Who We Are

Our Mission
Building Lasting Bonds!

At Spica, we don’t just create workspaces; we forge connections that stand the test of time. We believe in trust, in building relationships that are as strong as the furniture we craft. Our projects aren't just architecturally significant; they're functional, environmentally conscious, and built to last.

Our Vision
Inspiring Tomorrow’s Workspaces!

We don’t just focus on today; we're shaping the workspaces of tomorrow. Imagine offices filled with boundless creativity, productivity soaring, and innovation becoming a way of life. That’s our vision at Spica - to create inspiring spaces where work isn't just a task but a journey of inspiration.