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Optimize efficiency with our
customizable workstations tailored
to your specific needs.


Find your perfect work balance with our U1 Sit to Stand Desk. This innovative workstation seamlessly adapts to your needs, effortlessly transitioning between sitting and standing positions. It's your reliable health guardian, encouraging movement and promoting a healthier work routine. Say goodbye to physical and mental stress and hello to increased energy and productivity.


This cutting-edge digital workplace seamlessly blends sitting and standing, promoting employee well-being while enhancing the aesthetics of your workspace. Equipped with intelligent sensor and IoT technology, it empowers your team to prioritize health, and helps your enterprise efficiently manage its assets. With a user-friendly design and high-tech features, UP 7 transforms your office into an optimized hub of productivity, where staff, resources, and workspace efficiency are all elevated to new heights. Elevate your workplace with UP 7 and experience the future of office efficiency.


Verdure seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, providing a refreshing approach to workspace design.

Crafted with precision using aluminum and steel frame configurations, Verdure offers durability and style. Its versatile panel system allows for efficient space segmentation while maintaining a harmonious flow, ensuring that your office remains a dynamic and inspiring hub for creativity and productivity.


This desk redefines your workspace with its sleek 45-degree bevelled design, elegantly complemented by an aluminium alloy decoration bar. Available in a range of sizes and colors, it effortlessly adapts to your individual needs.

Embrace the future of work with the Sirius II Executive Office Desk – a true reflection of your unique taste and a testament to Spica's commitment to delivering solutions that meet the demands of today's dynamic work environments.


Introducing Natural Joy by Spica Furniture – your versatile solution for the evolving workspace. In today's dynamic business environment, diverse work demands adaptable solutions. Natural Joy offers a harmonious working ecosystem, where each element is meticulously designed to cater to specific requirements. Embrace flexibility, functionality, and style with Natural Joy, the key to a productive and inspiring workspace. Welcome the future of work furniture.


Spica's Workspace- I-Tech is not just furniture; it's a revolution in office design. As a forward-thinking furniture company, Spica has always been committed to addressing the ever-changing needs of modern workplaces. I-Tech is a testament to this commitment.

Spica's Workspace- I-Tech is more than furniture; it's the catalyst for a dynamic, personalized, and healthier work ecosystem, designed with you in mind. Join the revolution and redefine your workspace today.


I-work II – the epitome of modern office innovation. This intelligent lift desk redefines your workspace with a remarkable height range, from a low of 740mm to an impressive 1200mm. Thanks to its built-in memory button, switching between sitting and standing modes has never been easier or more personalized. With its swift and silent operation, I-work II effortlessly transforms your office into a haven of efficiency and well-being, making your workday truly refreshing and healthy. Elevate your workspace with Spica's I-work II for a new era of productivity and comfort.